New LENOX Gold™ Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Nov 22, 2004

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX, inventor of the bi-metal reciprocating saw blade and a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, announces the launch of LENOX Gold Reciprocating Saw Blades, an innovative new line of engineered bi-metal blades with a unique coating. The LENOX Gold reciprocating saw blade′s new patented tooth design and specially formulated coating work together to make it the longest lasting reciprocating saw blade ever and the fastest cutting blade on the market. These advances in tooth technology and coatings promise increased productivity and a drastically lower cost per cut for electricians, plumbers and anyone who uses recip blades on the job.

    The LENOX Gold reciprocating saw blade lasts longer and cuts faster than any other blade available thanks in part to the unique TiN-based coating along its edge.

    "Hard coatings have been widely used in the drilling industry for many years," said Nick Morrisroe, LENOX director of marketing, power tool accessories. "Over time these coatings have been improved through the use of exotic metals and special formulations to produce better results in a given application. LENOX has harnessed this technology to improve the wear resistance of reciprocating saw blades."

    This improvement, coupled with the improved tooth form geometry and optimized blade geometry, creates a blade that cuts faster over the life of the blade. Independent testing has shown that LENOX Gold recip blades last more than twice as long as competitive blades. In fact, the blades were recently put to the ultimate test by Lee "HACKMAN" Breton of TEAM HACKMAN®, a team of master cutters who travel the world demonstrating the strength of LENOX blades by cutting cars in half. Breton successfully cut three cars in half with a single LENOX Gold reciprocating blade.

    "LENOX Gold is the direct result of our commitment to simplifying our customers′ jobs by providing them with the longest lasting, most cost-effective blades available anywhere," said

    Morrisroe. "Gold offers a level of performance that surpasses every other recip blade on the market — so much so that jobsite productivity is improved. Cutting goes faster, blades won′t have to be replaced as often, and as a result, users won′t have to carry as many replacement blades with them when they′re on the jobsite. There is no reciprocating saw blade on the market that comes close to matching the life, durability, speed or value of LENOX Gold."

    Wood cutting, metal cutting, LAZER™ heavy metal cutting and demolition reciprocating saw blades are currently available in the LENOX Gold range in varying sizes and pitches (TPI) at electrical, plumbing, and general construction distributors nationwide.