New Bulk Recip Blade Merchandising Program

    Jul 19, 2005

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. —LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, today announced the launch of a new LENOX® Bulk Recip Blade Merchandising Program that allows distributors to aggressively price and individually sell one of the most high performance, in-demand blades on the market through impactful countertop or wire rack merchandisers.

    The LENOX® Bulk Recip Blade Merchandising Program lets distributors easily display and sell 10 of the top selling SKUs of LENOX bi-metal reciprocating saw blades. There are four different types of merchandisers available: a countertop display that incorporates all 10 SKUs; a smaller 50-pack countertop box that displays 50 pieces of one SKU; a four-hook wire rack that displays four different SKUs; and a one-hook wire rack to display multiple pieces of one SKU. Each blade is marked for convenient individual sale; however, the new 50-pack merchandiser provides a platform for distributors to offer their customers a significant volume discount.

    "Our new Bulk Recip Merchandising Program provides our distributors with sales options to more easily convert customers to a premium level product," said John Sullivan, senior product manager for Linear Edge products at LENOX®. "Now, customers who purchase a 50-pack will pay 10 percent less per blade than they would for the standard 25-pack of blades. This discount, along with the option to buy the blades individually, has the potential to attract new customers to high-performance LENOX® blades and to the distributors who sell them."