Fast, Safe, Precise Angled Cuts Come Easy With the LENOX® ONE TOOTH® Rough Wood Hole Cutter

    Jan 26, 2006

    ANAHEIM Calif., January 26-28, 2004 — LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, reintroduced the improved LENOX ONE TOOTH Rough Wood Hole Cutter. This product features a patented design that makes cutting wet, frozen, pressure-treated and hard wood easier than with self-feed bits. The exclusive "ONE TOOTH" design also allows users to cut holes at an angle — an application that is nearly impossible when using a self-feed bit. For HVAC and plumbing contractors, these features mean increased productivity, more precise cuts and a lower cost per cut than ever before.

    With less torque and an easy plug ejection, the ONE TOOTH Rough Wood Hole Cutter offers more features than self-feed bits when used in similar applications. Less torque puts less fatigue on the user and the patented design cuts without binding. The 3/8" stubby spade bit makes cutting fast and easy. Its unique, robust design can cut up to 300 holes and is deep enough to power through a 2 x 4 and ¾-inch plywood combination with ease. For optimum performance, the ONE TOOTH Rough Wood Hole Cutter should be run at 1200 rpm.

    "LENOX designed the One Tooth Wood Hole Cutter with users in mind," said Nick Morrisroe, director of marketing, power tool accessories, LENOX. "With faster, more precise, unique cuts, this latest innovation from LENOX was designed to be a better choice for cutting holes in rough wood than self-feed wood bits. This increase in productivity and the opportunity to cut holes at an angle can save our customers time and money — and that′s an advantage that can be seen and measured."