New LENOX® PALLETMASTER™ B Blades Last Longer and Perform Better than Traditional Carbon Blades

    Nov 01, 2006

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., November 1, 2006 — LENOX®, a name synonymous with technologically advanced band saw blades and fluids, introduces LENOX PALLETMASTER B, a bi-metal band saw blade designed for long life when dismantling pallets. The bi-metal construction of PALLETMASTER B blades offer users better wear resistance and higher heat resistance than carbon blades, and the LENOX VARI-TOOTH® design improves blade life when powering through nails, while reducing vibration.

    "For a pallet dismantler or rebuilder who spends all day cutting wood pallets, long blade life is key," said Mark Holley senior product manager for band saws at LENOX. "Bi-metal blades are stronger and can last longer than carbon, but they can be price-prohibitive. PALLETMASTER B cuts consistently and lasts longer for a surprisingly low cost-per-cut, offering users top of the line performance at an incredible value."

    Pallet dismantlers and rebuilders are invited to try PALLETMASTER B blades for themselves by calling 1-877-438-5615 and placing a Guaranteed Trial Order (GTO). As part of a GTO, LENOX promises its blades will outperform any other pallet cutting blade currently in use through a 90-day trial test program, or LENOX will refund 100 percent of the cost.