WANTED: Official LENOX® Tool Testers™!

    Nov 01, 2007

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX is taking customer service to an exciting level, in a quest to find Official Tool Testers! Seasoned professionals are being sought to try tools and give feedback. Evaluations will be used to make new products even better.

    "At LENOX, we strive to develop tools and accessories that deliver a benefit that users can see, feel and measure," said Rich Mathews, the company′s vice president of marketing. "I can′t think of a better way to deliver real value to customers than to incorporate their feedback and opinions into our product design. Our goal with this Tool Testers program is to establish a real dialogue with our end user; to learn of their on-the-job challenges first hand, and capture their wants and needs so that we can continue to develop premium products that save money, save time and make work easier."

    LENOX is soliciting Tool Testers through its latest series of hand tools print ads. Readers are asked to visit a specific URL to fill out a short registration form. All applicants receive a Tool Tester kit which includes a t-shirt, a free LENOX Gold™ utility blade and reciprocating saw blade, and response cards. Tool Testers who fill out and return the response cards to LENOX have the opportunity to be selected for a host of special offers and benefits, including additional tools to test such as pipe wrenches, torches, levels, tubing cutters, and more; coupons; rebates; treat-a-friend cards; and other benefits.

    Selection is based on the applicant′s experience within his or her trade, knowledge of LENOX® products and testimonial quality.