New LENOX ARMOR™ CT Band Saw Blades Provide Increased Blade Life, Productivity and Decreased Noise

    Nov 24, 2007

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., August 13, 2004 – LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, introduces its new ARMOR CT line of coated carbide-tipped band saw blades, precision engineered to excel at specific metal cutting applications. Innovations in coating technology and tooth design enable ARMOR CT blades to cut measurably faster and more quietly.

    The LENOX proprietary coating process binds the coating to the blade providing the cutting edges with superior protection. This advanced process, combined with special tooth geometries that take advantage of the protection provided by the armor-like coating, separate ARMOR CT from conventional saw blades. ARMOR CT is available in BLACK or GOLD, each with a distinctive, application-specific coating to address all metal cutting needs.

    "Today′s demands call for higher productivity and more sophisticated cutting solutions," said Chuck Wahr, senior product manager, LENOX. "By combining our blade technology with our coating technology we have created a blade that allows our customers to achieve amazing cutting rates while delivering tremendous life. ARMOR CT blades also feature new, high-performance backing steel for extreme durability. The blades′ heat and wear resistant carbide teeth are applied using our unique high-strength carbide weld process, which helps to avoid cases where the teeth strip off and become lodged in the work piece."


    ARMOR CT BLACK′s coating of aluminum, titanium and nitrogen (AlTiN) make the blade exceptionally hard and tough, enabling heavy feed rates and high band speeds by protecting each tooth from heat and wear with an armor-like barrier. Cuts that take up to four minutes using a standard bi-metal blade can be made in as few as 48 seconds using ARMOR


    The AlTiN coating and carbide teeth make the blade ideal for high production cutting of mid- to upper-grades of carbon steel solids; alloy steels; stainless steels; mold steels; tool steels; and bundled, mild steel tubing.

    ARMOR CT BLACK is available in sizes of 1 ¼" x .042" (34 x 1.07), 1 ½" x .050" (41 x 1.27), 2" x .063" (54 x 1.60), 2 5/8" x .063" (67 x 1.60) and 3" x .063" (80 x 1.60).


    The cutting edge of the ARMOR CT GOLD carbide-tipped band saw blade gets its gold color from a coating of titanium nitride (TiN), which makes the blade exceptionally resistant to wear while still providing fast cutting rates. Testing has shown the blade capable of lasting up to three times longer than standard bi-metal blades under normal cutting conditions.

    ARMOR CT GOLD′s TiN coating and carbide teeth work together to make it ideal for production cutting of medium- to high-carbon, alloy, bearing, and stainless steels.

    ARMOR CT GOLD is available in sizes of 1 ½" x .050" (41 x 1.27) and 2" x .063" (54 x 1.60).